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We are more than your average brand. Our mission and purpose is to collaborate with other Black owned businesses to demonstrate the impact of keeping our currency circulating within our own business community.

We spend over 1.2 Trillion per year as a people, but yet our black businesses are always failing. We want to change that narrative by creating a network to educate our people to once again understand the importance of keeping the Black Dolla in our community. 

Black Dolla desires to do our part to educate and liberate our people economically by building a network of Black Owned businesses, professionals and individuals who share the same passion for uplifting our community. We believe it is important to know our economic value and buying power in today's economy.  We know together all of this can be done and more

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My mission is to help ambitious people look within to find mental clarity, balance, and inner peace, so they can live their most authentic and fulfilling life.
Yoga Services: Private Sessions and Events, Corporate Events
Coaching Services: 1:1 Coaching, Workshop Facilitation, Corporate Leadership Coaching, Speaking Engagements